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Is anything here linked to MediaFire? I dunno for sure. Just in case- if anything is and it can't be downloaded just let me know. If I still have it or can get it, I'll put it on my Box account. A lot of what's here is on my MTS profile- so hopefully there shouldn't be any problems. :)

Edited 6-8-2013 to add:
I don't plan on posting here anymore, but I'll leave everything the way it is. If any download links disappear please let me know? (I still read messages here!) Most of my new downloads are posted on my tumblr or on blogspot. If you want to friend me here, I'll accept... not posting is the only thing I'm planning on doing now.

The Official Sticky-type Post..

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Stairs Here, Stairs on Mod The Sims
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2 Residential Lots
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Trying Something New
Intrigued? Curious? Wondering? Amazed? Impatient? Just want me to get on with it?

While I don't want anything to do with playing TS3, I do like a lot of the content I see for it. So I decided to give converting stuffs for TS2 a try. Since there are a lot of creators already converting EA meshes I figured I'd look around for custom content. This is what I've done so far: Bottles from Awesims and Olay, Dove Men and Bodycology stuffs from OneBillionPixels. (I've got some more of NewOne's stuff from OneBillionPixels almost done.)



A Candle in the Window

New Stuff!! (at the other place....)

Over This Way

Summer Secret Santa and A Redux UNredux'ed

More Folder Cleaning...

Summer Cleaning Continues...
I've had to start writing down what's done and what's not, lol...

Over this way....

Been Busy. (But not busy enough..)
My projects folder is HUGE and filled with u.n.f.i.n.s.h.e.d stuffs! I haz an excuse- it was very hot out and my get up and go would've got up and went.. if it hadn't been so worn down by the constant heat and humidty. :) It finally cooled down so I've actually felt like doing something..

Blankets and a couple other things this way...

New Kitchen Meshes

Extracted Kitchen Clutter..

Long time no post...
If you haven't been to "the other place" in a while..check it out if you want. :) There's a few new things there. Some blanket recolors, cushion recolors and Teddy Bear recolors with a Chuck Norris theme. (From Great Ideas Day at MTS.) There's a new shelving system based on Ogularama's in wall shelf. Andddd..a bunch of curtain recolors.

No pics. Lazy MLC is lazier than usual at the moment.

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TS3 Store Gothique Fireplace
With permission, I made Roman Valoppi's TS3 to TS2 conversion of the gothique fireplace functional.

Rolling stones may gather no moss, but old walls sure can.
Mossy wall overlays and a couple of mesh edits

If you haven't visited my other "home" yet, or lately, stop by. There are a few new posts since the last time I posted here. Happy Simming! :)

Something new...but not here.
Well, I did it. I finally put something new up at the new blog. It's not a new mesh, but a modified one: SIP bathroom cart, emptied and slotified. Clutter-a-bility ftw. :) See it here And don't be afraid to comment over there if you'd like to. :) I may not be the chattiest person, but I do like to know what people think. (Doesn't everyone?)

...and in other news...
Why didn't someone tell me about Blogspot earlier? It's not that I didn't know it existed. I didn't know how obscenely easy it is to set up everything exactly the way you want it. Sooooo..I have a blogspot now. At the moment it's private because I'm still setting it up. But at some point in time I'm going to start posting stuff there. I love the fact that you can have pages with tabs at the top. I love the fact that you can arrange all the little sections the way you want. I love a lot of things about it. I won't abandon LJ. I lurk around way too many LJ's to do that, lol.

Since I've said what I said above, I want to thank everyone who's commented on my stuffs here and added me to their friend list. Don't forget about me..I'll be around. (And it's going to be a bit before I have everything over there set up the way I want.)

The Wild Bunch (Moar recolors of Ohbehave's Little Vintage Chair)
Since I really liked how the leopard print turned out in the last set, I did some more. This time there are 10 animal and hide/skin textures. I reused the leopard print from the first set in this one- if you don't want 2 of them, just delete one or the other. :) Out of this set, I loveee the giraffe print chair. The files are marked so you can delete any you don't want.

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Easily Distracted+Catalog Clutter+Collection File= A Less Cluttered Catalog
I don't think anyone has done this, if they have blame me being a bit late to the party and having had an old, grumpy computer. Cassandre at Black Pearl Sims has those kitchen clutter sets with a bazillion meshes. I'd resisted downloading because I had to be picky about what I could keep (thanks to the aforementioned old, grumpy computer). Now that I have those sets, I kept finding myself getting grumpy because of...well, let's face it- all those files clutter up the catalog. So I fixed that. Now all of those pretty meshes are still in my game, but in their collection files only. :) No more cluttered catalog. (Absolutely no offense meant towards Cassandre! All those sets equal one hell of a lot of files!)

The Kitchen Clutter download has all the files from the 3 Kitchen Clutter sets (Kitchen Clutter Part 1, Part 3 and the Sweet Chocolate set -Part 2- 147 files with the meshes and all recolors). The Country Food download has the Country Biological food set (150 files with the meshes and all recolors). Just let the files overwrite the originals and be sure to put the collection file included in each download in your collection folder- otherwise the objects may not show up at all. I tested each and every item in game, they all show up in their collection files and not in the catalog at all. (Yay for learning something new!!)

NOTE: These are pretty big downloads- the Country set is around 20mb and the Kitchen set is around 10mb. If needed, I can split them up into smaller downloads...just let me know. :) Pics- even though it doesn't really "prove" anything, lol:

Download Country
Download Kitchen

As requested:
Pay attention to this part: "If you want the item accessible only through a collection make sure to have ONLY the Misc box checked."
I would definitely recommend backing up the original files before you edit them in SimPE. Also, I don't know if you HAVE to do it, but you might need to redo the collection file, too.


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