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Easily Distracted+Catalog Clutter+Collection File= A Less Cluttered Catalog
I don't think anyone has done this, if they have blame me being a bit late to the party and having had an old, grumpy computer. Cassandre at Black Pearl Sims has those kitchen clutter sets with a bazillion meshes. I'd resisted downloading because I had to be picky about what I could keep (thanks to the aforementioned old, grumpy computer). Now that I have those sets, I kept finding myself getting grumpy because of...well, let's face it- all those files clutter up the catalog. So I fixed that. Now all of those pretty meshes are still in my game, but in their collection files only. :) No more cluttered catalog. (Absolutely no offense meant towards Cassandre! All those sets equal one hell of a lot of files!)

The Kitchen Clutter download has all the files from the 3 Kitchen Clutter sets (Kitchen Clutter Part 1, Part 3 and the Sweet Chocolate set -Part 2- 147 files with the meshes and all recolors). The Country Food download has the Country Biological food set (150 files with the meshes and all recolors). Just let the files overwrite the originals and be sure to put the collection file included in each download in your collection folder- otherwise the objects may not show up at all. I tested each and every item in game, they all show up in their collection files and not in the catalog at all. (Yay for learning something new!!)

NOTE: These are pretty big downloads- the Country set is around 20mb and the Kitchen set is around 10mb. If needed, I can split them up into smaller downloads...just let me know. :) Pics- even though it doesn't really "prove" anything, lol:

Download Country
Download Kitchen

As requested:
Pay attention to this part: "If you want the item accessible only through a collection make sure to have ONLY the Misc box checked."
I would definitely recommend backing up the original files before you edit them in SimPE. Also, I don't know if you HAVE to do it, but you might need to redo the collection file, too.

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Thank you! i just reinstalled sims2 and forgot how much I loved this set. Downloading now. :D

This is definitely needed, esp for stuff from clutter creators like Cassandre, Pocci, Nemestmaya, and 8-3. I know Nixy offers pretty much all of her large clutter sets in collection only files but I haven't seen anyone else doing it

Exactly! I've still got the original files backed up though- which I'd recommend doing. :)

This is great! I have been fustrated with the mess in my deco catalog. Is there a tutorial around by any chance where we can do collection files only on our own?

There is. Huge Lunatic has one on her Google docs site. I didn't see that one until I figured out how to do it on my own. (It figures, huh?)I'll post the link to the tutorial. :)

Very useful - thanks for taking the time to do this!

You're welcome. :) (And yes, it did take some time, lol.)


This is amazing! I love the sims 2 so I'm really happy that I found this beautiful set.

Glad you find it useful! :)

This is amazing, thank you I needed this desperately!!!

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