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...and in other news...
Why didn't someone tell me about Blogspot earlier? It's not that I didn't know it existed. I didn't know how obscenely easy it is to set up everything exactly the way you want it. Sooooo..I have a blogspot now. At the moment it's private because I'm still setting it up. But at some point in time I'm going to start posting stuff there. I love the fact that you can have pages with tabs at the top. I love the fact that you can arrange all the little sections the way you want. I love a lot of things about it. I won't abandon LJ. I lurk around way too many LJ's to do that, lol.

Since I've said what I said above, I want to thank everyone who's commented on my stuffs here and added me to their friend list. Don't forget about me..I'll be around. (And it's going to be a bit before I have everything over there set up the way I want.)


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