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Trying Something New
Intrigued? Curious? Wondering? Amazed? Impatient? Just want me to get on with it?

While I don't want anything to do with playing TS3, I do like a lot of the content I see for it. So I decided to give converting stuffs for TS2 a try. Since there are a lot of creators already converting EA meshes I figured I'd look around for custom content. This is what I've done so far: Bottles from Awesims and Olay, Dove Men and Bodycology stuffs from OneBillionPixels. (I've got some more of NewOne's stuff from OneBillionPixels almost done.)



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Love the bottles! I wish I loved playing sims3 as much as 2 - but somehow everyone else's game looks so far superior and it discourages me. Its why I haven't bought any more past Late Night.
(sorry for the long post!)

Thanks! I've got a lot of breakable things like bottles/cups/plates/various glass jars irl.. my sims need them too!

I won my copy of TS3 in a contest and couldn't play it until I got this computer a year ago. I was so excited to finally be able play it. :) But it took all of 5 minutes for me to decide to stick with TS2. TS2 is just so much prettier to me. Actually, I'm not sure it even took 5 minutes, lol.

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