mustluvcatz (mustluvcatz) wrote,

Tree Wall Stickers!

It's said a picture is worth a thousand words... so I'll let one speak for me. Here's hoping it doesn't come up 999 words short, lol. Seriously, I don't think the pics do these justice. I may end up being the only one who thinks so- but I think these are gorgeous in game.

Hmmmm....997 words short??

I present to you 6 recolors of aikea guinea's 2 tile wall writing mesh- along with the modified mesh. Why is it modified? Because the original fades when you zoom in. If you have a no-fade hack, you won't need the modified mesh. If the fading doesn't bother you, you won't need the modified mesh. If you don't have a no-fade hack and the fading bothers you- keep the modified mesh and replace the original with it. Modified mesh is included with permission; thank you aikea guinea! Oh, forgot to say: Any recolors you have will work with the modified version of the mesh.

More Screenshots:

Download Mesh & Recolors
Tags: buy, downloads, meshes, modified, recolors, ts2

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