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The Official Sticky-type Post..

Welcome to my little, tiny slice of the LJ world. At Mod The Sims, Garden of Shadows, Sailfinsims, Black Pearl Sims (and most other Sims sites) I'm known as Mustluvcatz. Or MLC, if you'd like. Since I've managed to fool myself into believing I know what I'm doing, what you will find here are downloads for the Sims 2- mainly new meshes and recolors. I've been known to build lots (which is how I started out offering downloads) and make walls/floors if I get bored with meshing and recoloring. I do have TS1 and TS3 but I won't be creating anything for those. TS2 is my "baby" and I'm sticking with it!
That said-since there will be downloads here, my TOU: Short, sweet and to the point- KEEP IT FREE. You can include meshes and/or recolors with lots. Just keep it off of paysites..oh, and please don't take my work and claim it as your own.

Any new meshes you'll find here will be base game compatible. Recolors of any of my meshes are always welcome. And if you'd like to use one of my meshes as a base for cloning, go right ahead. Anddd..if you'd like to convert any of my meshes to Sims 3, do it. :) I have no plans to ever do so. (Not that I'm actually thinking anyone would, but it's nice to let everyone know you can!

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Thankies. :D (Yay! My first comment, lol!)

ROFL. Huggles

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