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Stairs Here, Stairs on Mod The Sims
I just wanted anyone/everyone to know that the stairs here and on MTS are NOT the same. The stairs I posted here are not slaved in any way, shape or form, only have one railing and have more recolors. In fact, the recolors are alot different when it comes to the wood textures I used.
The stairs at MTS are slaved (railings to stairs), have 3 railing choices and the woods are Maxis woods only. The tiles are pretty much the same. When I did the changes for MTS, I learned something new! You can still have the railings, stairs and risers different colors because I studied the Grand Trianon floor mirror to learn the secret to having extra recolorable subsets in a master file. Yay! I felt like such a rock star when it worked.
BOTH stair sets use the same GUID's, so you can not have both sets in game at the same time. So it's either these or those. The reason they're so different is because changes were required at MTS. By the time it was all done, I ended up with something very different from here. Since I didn't want to use another 10 GUIDs for the stairs...I just used the same meshes and edited them.
Soooo..if you like the Maxis-wood-only recolors at MTS and the added railings: You'll have to use that set. If you don't mind the one railing, nothing being slaved and some different non-Maxis recolors: Use the set here. I'll probably end up doing the other two railings for use with the set here at some point in time. :)


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